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Our service to you: 

  • To provide swimming lessons using qualified swimming teachers either Swim England or STA
  • Each lesson is '25 minute duration', with an admin time of 5 minutes per lessons to allow our teachers to colate and record all development information including registration.
  • Fully trained swimming teachers or Aquatic support helpers will work in and out of the water (Stage 1 & 2) teaching the pupils to focus on achieving optimum results by helping support the body if required and aiding in correct stroke technique through demonstration and guidance.
  • To provide, whenever possible, a temporary cover teacher in the event of any absence of the regular teachers failing this lessons will be cancelled as a result & will be rescheduled during holiday periods (half terms, summer holidays, Easter and Xmas (depending on pool availability).
  • To assess students on a continual basis using Aqua Splash continual assessment, with swim England badges and certificates (badges and certificates are not compulsary and are an additional cost of £4.00 per award, any awards achieved will be shown on your childs re enrolment slip for you to purchase) (*Awards are ordered at source during each enrolment period and we aim to give them out to our pupils the first week after the half term holidays).
  • Aqua Splash will endeavour to maintain a class size of 6 children (from our Mansion guest house facilities) Aqua Splash reserves the right to change the size and structure of swimming classes without notice. *Please note class size for adult and child lessons are 5.  
  • Swimming days and times are not guaranteed each term due to class restructuring.
  • Aqua Splash prides itself on our water-based tuition but cannot always guarantee this service in each class.

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities:

  • Parent/Guardian must ensure child arrives on time (5/10minutes) before lesson start time
  • Parent/Guardian must ensureParent/Guardian must ensure we are notified of any medical information for your child upon enrollment (e.g. asthmatic, heart condition, epelepic, etc)
  • Parent/Guardian must not approach poolside unless asked to do so by a child's Teacher
  • Parent/Guardian must ensure all children are kept away from poolside until their teacher calls them forward for their lesson.
  • Parent/Guardian must not allow any child, including siblings to walk/play around the perimeter of the pool.
  • Parent/Guardian must not assist in the teaching of a child during a lesson. Unless for medical reasons.
  • Parent/Guardian must ensure that swimmers are changed in the correct changing rooms provided, not poolside.
  • Parent/Guardian must remain on the premises whilst their child is in lessons (in the event of an evacuation).
  • Parent/Guardian to practice skills/strokes to enhance their childs development and consistency

Payments of swimming fees:

  • All prices are subject to change without prior notice. All credit / debit card transactions are subject to validation checks and are authorised by the card issuer a transaction charge is also added for this method of payment. We accept most major debit & credit cards. If the issuer of your card refuses to authorise payment, we will not be liable for any delay or non-delivery of your order. No payments will be accepted or processed without a valid card payment in the name of the registered cardholder. Payment must be made by the re enrolment due date to ensure swimming places are secured. All places are secured by payment upfront.
  • Request of reciept of payer is to be sent either by messenger or our email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. upon booking.
  • Please note; No places within swim school are allocated without payment of course fees
  • Private out of our lessons (late evenings/shift workers etc) - Payment is either paid in full prior to the first lesson start date or in two installments, one instalment of 50% of the agreed total beofre the first lesson start date and the other installment on the 3rd lesson agreed schedule date. If the client cancelles lessons this is a forfeit to the client and will be a lesson lost. If the clieint cancells a lesson beofre the total monies are paid then the agreed monies are still payble to Aqua Splash. This excludes the nominated swimming pools venue cancellation policy. You are paying for the teachers time and their commitment within the agreed dates for lessons as these lessons are unsociable and specific to the clients rotas.

Bacs Payment

  • Payment made into our nominated bank account
  • Customer to notifiy our swim school office of processed payment (Refrencing there childs name)
  • Enrollment slip completed and returned to office
  • Lessons will not be secured until full payment has been transfered and notification given to our swim school office

Refunds and Cancellations:

  • Aqua Splash Swim School does not offer refunds on cancellations of registration fees of swimming lessons.
  • No refunds or lesson credits are available for absence through sickness (including underlying health conditions) or holiday or if your child moves classes as part of Aqua Splash lesson structure process (i.e. due to progressing in development etc).
  • A notice period of two weeks should be given if not re-enrolling to enable Aqua Splash to maintain class structure and continuity.
  • In the event of a lesson cancellation by Aqua Splash due to teacher sickness, mechanical failure or any other reason out of Aqua Splash swim school control a replacment cover teacher will be used or if no cover is available at that time/day a replacment lesson will be organised for the end of the current term or in the following terms holiday period i.e. half term, end of term holiday etc.*Dependent on pool availability. Otherwise a credit at the cost of a lesson will be offered as an alternative from the following terms course fees which will roll into the next planned swim school term.*We reserve the rite to use school holidays when needed to catch up our lessons for any long periods of closure.
  • Please note – No financial refund will be given.
  • Please note - For pre planned staff holidays or events by Aqua Splash during the planned swimming period replacment lessons will be run during a school holiday period as a pre planned replacment
  • Please note - Aqua Splash cannot guarantee the day and time of your preffered choice, term by term Aqua splash may need to merge and reorganise lessons to ensure class structure is kept throughout swim school. If your child is to MOVE lesson day and time as advised on there enrolment slip you will, once enrolled and your fees paid be contacted and allocated a new class development stage appropriate to you child's current assessment. Again it is a place for the development stage (e.g. stage 1, 2 etc) we are guaranteeing not the day and time. Due to limited options term by term new allocated lessons will be offered on a first come first served basis. Please also note that upon enrollment it is a place within swim school you are paying for not a specific teacher. Teachers may change depending on facilities your child swims.
  • Please note - We reserve the rite to re schedule lessons into the following term (due to unplanned closures eg, pool plant break downs, staffing long term illness coving a period of the current term, or anything else which could result in a tempory closure being applied)
  • During the enrolment period (up until the enrolment due date stated on our letters) from the point letters are giving out we strongly suggest if teacher preference is a priority to write to the swim school office to ask which teachers will be teaching your child if you are to move either classes or facilities. Aqua splash can not always quarantee teacher preference.

Force Majeure:

  • We will not be liable for non-performances of our obligations caused or resulting from commercial disputes or any other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the company such as an act of God, pandemic (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world, riots, civil commotion, flood, fire and legislation.

Pricing and Print Errors:

  • Prices and specifications are checked and confirmed.
  • While every effort will be made to make them accurate, no responsibility will be accepted for errors and omissions.
  • We reserve the right to alter prices and specifications without notice.

Public Liability Insurance:

  • Full Public Liability insurance is held by Aqua Splash swim school Ltd, which covers all swimmers while attending their lessons. This does not extend further than the pool / changing rooms. Beyond this area any accidents that occur must be notified to the appropriate body and the matter taken up with them.

Child Protection:

  • Parent/Guardian must ensure that swimmers are changed in the correct changing rooms provided. Changing on poolside is strictly prohibited. Children of 8yrs and above must change in the correct changing room according to their gender.

Copyright ©:

  • The contents of this site and other publications from Aqua Splash are owned or licensed to Aqua Splash or are used with permission by the owner.

Photography & Videoing

  • Due to The Child Protection Act we cannot and do not allow any photography or filming in or around the swimming pools unless fully authorised by Aqua Splash Swim School.  We will make the necessary arrangements for a full signed agreement from parents concerned. This excludes our lean to swim programme. 
  • If anyone is found to be taking pictures or filming we will ask for them to stop immediately and may ask for the photos/film to be destroyed.

Waiting list

  • For our most uptodate wating period please contact our swim school office - via our online contact form, facebook live feed or telephone.

Operating from hired facilities

  • Our swim school operates from hired facilities at the Mansion guest house (Woodhouse)
  • There is planned closures during some terms (Spring, summer and autumn) where the managment require use of there facilities.
  • Days/dates of the pre planned closures will be shown on our enrolment letters and on our term calender on our website for our new startes - make up lessons will also be pre planned.
  • Unfortuantly sometimes lessons have to be cancelled out of Aqua Splash swim school Ltd control due to mechanical breakdowns, chemical issues, temperature issues, pool water contamination of for any other reason out of Aqua Splash Swim School control. (As a hirer we have to follow the facilities Pool safety Operating Procedures) to ensure the safety of every user. Where possible these lessons will be replaced either during the next available school holiday period if this is not possible (meaning availability of the pool managment) then all owed lessons due to closure will be continued into the following school term period until the number of lessons cancelled have been replaced by aqua Splash Swim School Ltd.

Certificates Orders

 To enable our office administrators to process your certificate order we require your completed enrolment slip which will ensure the correct certificate is ordered.

 Certifcates for post by the customer we reccomend you use the correct stamp on the envolope or even a signed for deliver.

 Aqua splash takes not responsability for non delivered envelopes once posted(we strongly suggest sending your envelope with a pre paid track and trace system).


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