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If you require more detailed information on course dates & prices, then please contact us.


Lesson Service & Prices - 2017/2018

1-2-1 & 2-1 Lessons

£25.00 one to one (per lesson) or £26.00 two to ones (per lesson) (paid in blocks) Available for Adults or Children

Group Lessons

Mayfield facility - £5.65 per lesson (paid in blocks)

Mansion guest house facility - £6.65 per lesson (paid in blocks)

*Stages 1-4 at our guest house facilities will be £7.65 these lessons have an Aquatic support helper within the water

Adult Group Lessons (based on 3 adult swimmers sharing) dependent on current demand

£11.00 per lesson (paid in blocks running parellel with school terms)

Hydrotherapy Hire ½ hour session £25.00 (Private pool session)
Crash Course Intense Lessons - Groups, 1-2-1 and 2-1 £16.35 (3 day group lesson), £75.00 (3 day one to one), £78.00 (3 day two to one lesson)


£4.00 *an additional charge of £2.00 for late orders to cover P&P. 
 swim twice a week (group lesson)  Receive 25% off 2nd block of lessons


* Typical courses periods are 11 – 15 weeks for all our learn to swim services for both children and adult lessons.

* At our Mansion guest house swimming pool facilities our lessons are based on a 37/38 week programme due to pre booked events/training/ staff holidays etc running from these facilities.

* Payments are made in full before the course start date, prices may vary dependent on course duration and lesson venues.

* Make up or pre planned lessons will be planned during holiday periods for both our learn to swim facilities


Coming soon… ‘Direct debit’ payments – please contact our swim school office for more information.

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