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Dear Parents/guardians,


We hope you are all well and staying safe! We are missing all our learners so much but  we would rather tempory close for a short while to take control of this nasty virus once and for all! And giving chance for the vaccine to be rolled out throughout the uk.


As of week commencing 11th January 2021 (our spring term start date) - All lessons will be temporalily closed due to the current govement lockdown to combat the Covid-19 pandemic.


Once government restrictions ease and allow us to return to the pool we will start our current Spring term (including any catch up lessons owed from the Autumn term 2020 lockdown November month.) catch up lessons from 2020 will be added at the end of the current 11 week term for all customers who attended in our autumn 2020 term, please note for all catch up lessons these will be at your previous lesson day and time as per the autumn term 2020.


Our plan going foward


First of all don't worry ALL lessons will be running as normal once the lockdown has ended and swimming pools can reopen.


We are not entirely sure on the timescale of the govements lockdown due to the new variant of the virus, however going off most news reports by the govement we anticipate it being longer than the 18th January, possibly even up until the end of this current term ending around the Easter holiday. 


On our return we will be rescheduling lessons with three possible options depending on the govement timings and prioritys for which businesses can reopen and when and further controls put in place by the govement of the lift of the lockdown;


We are all set up and ready to go once we have the go ahead from the government 


Our plan....




1: Lessons will continue to run from the point once the govement lock down/Tier restrictions are lifted (health and safety controls will still be in force as always within our facilities these will be advised by the govement and depending on which services are allowed to re open straight away (e.g. leisure facilities, b and b's, etc) including rescheduel catch up lessons which have been missed these will continue to roll on to the end of the the current term into the summer term. This plan is also depending on what control measures are implemented for the reopening and ratios of swimmers, public gatherings etc, reset assured our swimming program is set up well within the current operational guidance set out for all pool and swim school operators.


2: Depending on the timing of the lockdown and restrictions applied during the ease of lockdown for swimming pools, b and b's etc then all lessons will be rescheduled to run in the following term (Summer term) - (April-July) for the agreed amount of weeks as of the Spring term instead, lessons will also run at the same time and day as they were scheduled for the Spring term


3. Depending on the R factor and the current tier levels/ measure due to the new varient it maybe safer within lessons to recommence later as the wosrst case synario meaning restarting end of August onwards.


we are constantly reviewing the situation and ensuring our learn to swim program is within current government guidelines ready for all our customers to return to lessons!


Once again we personally thank you for your continued support during this challenging time.


Please keep safe and hoping we are back to normality soon.


When we return..we've got important covid-19 information!


Aqua Splash have implemented a covid-19 policy to ensure we are all as safe as possible during your or your child's lessons,


✔️ Only one adult to support their child/s during lessons

✔️ Only arrive 5 minutes prior to your lesson start time 

✔️ All adults to wear a face mask on entering, exiting (including the side access path) and within the facility at all times

✔️ Pupils 11years and older to follow the same mask protocol as shown above (removed only for their lesson)

✔️ Swimmers to come pre dressed (where possible) for lessons to reduce changing time (e.g. wearing a onesie with swim gear underneath)

✔️ Showers won't be available as part of our control and time spent in facilitiy

✔️ Within the facility we have 'cleaning stations' with disinfectant and disposable paper towels we ask once you've been changed within a cubicle or used seating please can you spray, wipe and bin the used green towel and re sanatize hands 

✔️ Prior to entering the facility we have a hand sanitizer station please use to prior to entering the facility, we have two other sanitizers within the facility one in the main pool area and one within the toilet area.

✔️ Due to only having one entrance only 1 bubble entering the porch area at a time, if you are waiting to exit or enter please ensure social distance is maintained (please close one door before opening the next to help maintain the ambient air temperature)

✔️ If anyone within the household or supporting bubble have symptoms please stay home until tests determine the outcome, upon a positive outcome please contact our swim school coved officer at the earliest convenience, your contact is Gavin Bound

✔️ Within the facility (at the entrance of the pool and within the pool by the green Astro turn area) we have track and trace scan codes for all customers who have a smart device with a scanner function, please scan in at every lesson (Don't worry if you don't as we hold registers of all lesson and we will contact the relevant classes who need to be notifie)

✔️ Seating within the facility is already set out for social distancing please do not move any freestanding seating 

✔️ All children to wait by their parent/carer and will be called by their teacher to come to poolside when their lesson is due to start (please don't allow children to run around the facility whilst waiting)

✔️ Armbands as a control measure we no long loan out armbands during lessons, however we provide these at cost price £6.00 pair (pre order advised) 


‼️ The facility is throughly cleaned including all touched areas, before and after all lesson ‼️ 



Team Aqua Splash







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