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What should my child wear in the pool?

For little splashers all babies must wear correct fitting swimming nappies with a second nappy over the top. This is a double nappy system which all parents must ensure their babies wear. You can buy a Happy Nappy over the internet, or from the Swim School Direct.

For all fully toilet trained children regular swim wear is required. We advise boys not to wear long knee length swim shorts as this restricts their swimming.

What should I bring for my child?

We provide mats and all teaching equipment and water aids. It is recommended to bring a bottle of water for your child to drink after they finish the lesson.

For babies we recommend their usual food as they can get very hungry swimming around for 30 minutes.

What if my child has never been in the water before?

All our teachers are very experienced with dealing with nervous children and they will know how to deal with the children. However it is always best to take your child to the pool beforehand to familiarise him/her with the layout and facilities.

How do I enrol my child onto lessons?

You can either email or call the Swim School to be added to our waiting list, our complete the appropriate application form on our website.

If I am placed on the waiting list, how long can I expect to wait?

The waiting-list can vary in length and is also dependant on the ability of the child. Please ask the Swim school for the current situation of the waiting time, as a piece of mind ALL our waiting lists are regularly reviewed.

What age can my child begin swimming lessons?

Little splashers takes babies from 4 months old and once they graduate from here at about 1-11/2 years old they can join our duckling lessons right up to the age of 31/2 years.

Aqua Splash cater for all ages and all abilities; if you are unsure on where to place your child please call the office where we can help place your child in the most suitable class for them or arrange an assessment prior to starting.

When are the lessons?

Please refer to our lesson pages to find a course suitable for you and your child. If you cannot find what you are looking for please call the office.

What if the lesson time is no longer suitable?

If you can’t make the lesson time, please call Swim School as soon as possible. We will then try to move your child if there is space available when it is suitable for you. There is a cut-off date by which parents must re-enrol, so after this date the spaces that are free will be available to other children.

How long does a lesson last for?

30 minutes is the length of each lesson.

How much will lessons cost?

Please check with our Swim School Office for the most up-to-date costs. Lessons are payable in full at enrolment before each course begins.

If a child joins mid-way through a course they will pay the remainder of the course.

We offer online discounts when completing a booking form through our website.

How many children are in each class?

Aqua splash swim school prides itself on small class sizes. This ensures that all children get the special care and attention in learning the vital life skill of swimming.

Our duckling lessons has a maximum class size of 8, and our children’s group lessons has a maximum class size of 8*.

Who are your swimming teachers?

We have a number of excellent teachers. All teachers are DBS checked and highly qualified to ASA and STA standard Levels 1 and 2, in teaching swimming. All teachers will work with your children and assess their ability to achieve their best. We also have an Aquatic support helper in our lower ability lessons from our Mansion guest house facilities to maximise our pupils learning in a deeper pool.

Am I able to watch the lessons?

Yes you are able to watch and provide support and encouragement to your child. Please get your child changed and take them through to the poolside, and leave them. Please be on the poolside one minute before the lesson is due to end to collect your child.

If your child is in Duckling lessons then you will be with them in the water at all times.

Please note - there is a strict ban of any photography at the pool.

What Swimming Awards can I expect my child to get?

We use the Amateur swimming association awards as our awards structure, with supporting awards such as rainbow distance, challenge awards to support the main framework.

At the end of each term your child will receive an individual assessment form which shows all out comes which your child has worked towards and if they have achieved the recommended requirement for an award. Every lesson is assessed to ensure overall consistency and confidence within their current stage of development.

Please be aware, your child will only pass the Stage if they have completed all of the Outcomes to the correct standard, determined by their teacher.

How do I re-enrol onto the next course?

Two weeks prior to the end of the current course you will be given a reenrolment letter, this will have all information of course prices, reenrolment due date, and next term course dates. Failure to re-enrol within the deadline period will result in being removed from the next course and your place being taken by another child from our waiting list.

What if I the miss the payment date?

If you miss the date, please contact the Swim school office as soon as possible. After the pay by date, we fill the lessons with other children. If your space is still available, you just need to pay. If your space has gone, we will try to find you a suitable alternative. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to find you a suitable class, so please make sure you pay on time.

What if my child misses a lesson due to sickness?

We do not offer refunds or catch up lessons for general sickness, however if it is long term please call the office to discuss the situation and we will try to be accommodating.

My child is struggling within his current stage of development, what should I do?

We encourage every parent/guardian to practice what has been taught in your son/daughters previous lesson, this will help build confidence and consistency which in turn will help within lessons.

What lesson does my child get assessed?

Our assessments are on going throughout the term, giving our teachers the time to see the skills being taught consistent, and reliable against the current assessment standards, our unique individual progress tracker forms are given to all our swimmers two weeks prior to the end of each term.

My child is only a couple of outcomes away from achieving their award, do they need to repeat another full term at the same stage?

No, if your child is a couple of (ticks) away from achieving their current stage then they will be moved up and the teacher will continue to monitor these outcomes to ensure consistency and reliability at the standards required.
However (crosses) mean the standards have not been shown and more work is needed, your child would stay in the same stage working on these areas before moving up.

My child is currently in stage 3 is there any way we can support our child within this stage?

Stage 3 is a very big development step within the learn to swim pathway. Going from stage 2 being able to use supoort aids to stage 3 without support aids is not easy! Aqua splash recognise this big development step and have put stratagies in place to support this award. Firstly we encourage parents/guardiand to practice as much as possible to make the skills more reliable and consistent week by week, we offer practice lessons swim twice a week and save 25% discount on your second block of lessons, booster one to one crash course during half terms are a great way to support this award or try our new group lesson stage 3 crach course for FREE *LIMITED PLACES AVAILABLE! these extra support have shown great results within this development stage.


Ive ordered my child's swimming certificate and badge, when will i recieve these?

We order certificates and badges during our re enrolment period. As we dont keep large amounts on stock. We advise that certificates & badges will be given out to all children who has ordered and paid for them the first week after half term. This gives us time to check our order and prepare certificates ready to be distributed between our facilities.

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